An opportunity to get a unique gift item for your loved one
and help a charity that serves others in your own community!

“What happens to my donation?”
All donated funds are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a certificate sent to you as an attachment via e-mail or via postal service with your name or the name of the person you are donating funds on behalf of. Each certificate will feature a copy of the photo that is affiliated with the item you have donated towards—suitable for framing in your family room or den! Donations must be received prior to December 20th in order to receive a certificate for gift giving purposes.

“What if someone has already purchased my item?”
Certainly some of these items are a one of a kind purchase while some are endlessly available. If we receive your donation for an item that has already been purchased, we will contact you to determine where you might prefer your donation redirected toward. We want to ensure that your donation is directed where you would like to make an impact!

Fifth Street Renaissance / SARA Center is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial contribution.

RVheatRV Heating/ Air Conditioning $600.00

Item 0001
for a new RV heating unit or air conditioning system so Cole can provide a comfortable environment for clients who request testing. Our RV is central to outreach efforts and can be seen all over the state in areas of need.

transportassistTransportation Funding $50.00

Item 0002
for transportation assistance so Amy a can provide a means for her clients to get to job interviews, appointments, or shopping for essentials. Amy’s “We-can-do it!” attitude needs your financial support to make an impact for our clients.

retreatsEducational Programming $150.00

Item 0003
will provide funding for residential retreats and one on one sessions. In this photo, Raenesha is demonstrating to Barb and Sara one of her notorious educational and interactive programs. Your funding allows us to educate our clients on essential life skills like financial management, basic health care, and healthy decision making.

signage2Signage $250.00

Item 0004
for updated signage directing clients and guests to the right location and resources. Penny is dreaming of the possible questions that could be answered with helpful signage. Many signs have needed updating as we have grown our various programs particularly our veteran’s and transitional housing programs.

techupgradeTech Support $1000.00

Item 0005
will fund much needed technological support so Miranda can keep her hair in her head where it belongs. Much funding provides for technology, but not the necessary technological support to sustain effective data processing. Your donation is key to making the most out of our technology.

Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Springfield this Summer, Fifth Street Renaissance / SARA Center was able to purchase a residential property from Benedictine University. This new residence will allow us to provide a home to our homeless female veterans and veteran families. We need your help. Your generous donation for any of the items featured on this page will get us that much closer to opening our new residence and providing a home for our veterans.

sidingSiding $67,243.00

Item 0006-VA
will provide siding for the entire newly purchased veteran’s center haven so veteran families may stay dry. While the structure of the new facility is solid, sound weatherizing and insulation updates need to be made before move-in.

utilityassistUtility Assistance $250.00

Item 0007-VA
will provide utility assistance and essential living items for our veteran and other families in need for one month. This picture features Dawn providing financial counseling to a client. Utility assistance is one of the most prevalent requests Fifth Street receives.

landscapeLandscaping / Security $100,000.00

Item 0008-VA
so we can provide landscaping, furnishings, appliances, security, and a laundry room for our veteran residents. We are providing a home for many veterans who did not have a chance to return to one. Your generosity will give them, in many cases, their first sense of security and belonging.

pantryPantry Items $100.00

Item 0009-VA
would fill a space on the shelf of pantry items. Lauren and her team provide over 278 pounds of food a month to our veteran and non-veteran clients. Pre-packaged nutritional meals are provided to any person knocking on our doors requesting assistance. A variety of stocked goods makes all the difference this time of year.

gift basketsWelcome Kit $100.00

Item 0010-VA
for a welcome to the community gift basket of necessary items so Tinna can serve her clients properly. Most clients come to us with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Providing the basic necessities for every client is what we do. When veterans graduate from our program, they leave with everything they need to set up their new home including bedding, furnishings, and kitchen items.

doorsSecured Doors $57,780.00

Item 0011-VA
for complete door replacements at the new veteran’s center location so we can provide a safe and secure living environment. Providing a refuge for our veterans who have not found one is a priority. You can provide that through your support.

doorsSecured Doors (1 unit) $6420.00

Item 0012-VA
One can also make a per-housing unit donation

hvacHVAC $52,753.00

Item 0013-VA
for HVAC replacement at the new veteran’s center location so our veterans and their families can stay warm through the cold Winter. Angel and kids are only pretending to be cold, but this is a harsh reality for many of our clients. Your financial support can help keep them warm through these times of need.

windowsNew Windows $45,581.00

Item 0014-VA
new windows at the new Veteran’s Center to ensure safety and security. Built as a residence hall for college students back in the 90’s, the apartments need quite a bit of updating —including heat efficient windows.

windowsNew Windows (1 unit) $5065.00

Item 0015-VA
One can also make a per-housing unit donation


Stationary Needs $250.00

Item 0016
would provide printing needs for an entire month for the Fifth Street offices so Roxanne can stop rocking the post-its! Fifth Street must keep hard copy documentation for most programs which requires a great deal of printing resources.


Brochure Fund $250.00

Item 0017
would fund updated brochures and business cards. Imagine a world where your kids design your brochure for you. This is a picture of Teresa and Angel recruiting their kids to make brochures. Of course, this is fake. Thanks to your donation, we can provide professional marketing materials for all our programs.

mattressMattresses $100.00

Item 0018
would provide a brand new twin mattress so Eric and Jay can deliver a bed for each of our residential clients. Nothing feels better than sleeping in your own bed. Many of our clients have not had that comfort for a long time. Your donation provides that feeling.

condomkitsCondom Kits $25.00

Item 0019
will fund 100 Holiday condom kits for clients to ensure a safer holiday season. By providing safer sex kits, Fifth Street has an opportunity to provide assistance to clients who might not otherwise be served due to stigma. Your funding will support outreach and safer-sex educational initiatives.

wildcardWild Card $Any Amount

Item 9999
will go into a Wild Card donation pool. Any donation into this bucket will allow Fifth Renaissance to apply your funds where ever the need is greatest. However, feel free to indicate where you might like this funding directed, we will ensure that your donation is used for that program or necessity.