Fifth Street Renaissance / SARA Center

Third Annual Holiday Catalog

Social Distancing-friendly gift opportunities for your loved one that help a charity serving others in your own community!

Fifth Street Renaissance / SARA Center is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial contribution.

“What happens to my donation?”
All donated funds are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a certificate sent to you as an attachment via e-mail or via postal service with your name or the name of the person you are donating funds on behalf of. Each certificate will feature a copy of the photo that is affiliated with the item you have donated towards—suitable for framing in your family room or den! Donations must be received prior to December 20th in order to receive a certificate for gift giving purposes.

“What if someone has already purchased my item?”
Certainly some of these items are a one of a kind purchase while some are endlessly available. If we receive your donation for an item that has already been purchased, we will contact you to determine where you might prefer your donation redirected toward. We want to ensure that your donation is directed where you would like to make an impact!

Resources for Screening $100.00

Item 0001

Miranda is sporting her shirt with one of here favorite messages, “Just be a kind human”.  This is her own personal mission statement.  Preventing susceptible clients from contracting Covid-19 is a priority.  Early on, Miranda and her husband designed sneeze guards to help keep the doors open.  But we need updated barriers.  You can be a kind superhuman.

Resources for Covid-19 Support $75.00

Item 0002

Our intern, Daniel, is getting his temperature checked by Shon, a staff member who was working at the Springfield cooling station.  Having up to date technology ensures that we can meet state and federal guidelines, and protect our people.

Covid-19 Community Tool Kit $75.00

Item 0003

Your funding will allow us to provide 25 Covid-19 prevention kits as part of our outreach efforts.  These kits include hand sanitizer, 3 masks, and information for community resources and Fifth Street resources.

Pantry Replenishment $50.00

Item 0004

Lynn Ehmen is featured here standing next to her hand-made pantry with her friend, Brad Milliman located just outside Fifth Street’s main office.  Thanks to Lynn, Micropantries are spread across the community.  Yet these pantries empty quickly, including ours.  Lynn dreams of a day when these pantries are not so necessary.  Until then, your donation can help us keep our pantry stocked when it is most in need!

Family Meal Kits

Since the start of the Pandemic, Fifth Street has delivered more than 15,000 meals door to door, keeping clients safe.  The options below would allow Fifth Street to provide appropriate holiday meals to our clients.

Large Family Meal Kit $200
Item 0005  – 

Medium Family Meal Kit $125
Item 0006  – 

Small Family Meal Kit $75
Item 0007  – 

Vote For Your Team!

The Presidential elections may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the voting is over.  The Fifth Street Renaissance / SARA Center staff have been divided into 4 teams, each with their own focus.  Voting with your dollars is a fun and supportive way to let your team know that you care.

How to Vote:

One vote costs $1.  To vote for a team, click the Add to Cart button next to the team name.  To vote more than once for a team, just click Add to Cart again.

If you want to cast a lot of votes for a team, first cast a single vote by clicking, “Add to Cart,” and then update the Quantity field next to the item in your Cart (your Cart will appear at the top of this page once your first item is added.)

Team Administration

Item 0008 Team Administration

The administration crew are the people that keep the engine running.  They pay the bills, keep the rent going, and the lights on.

Team Case Management

Item 0009 Team Case Management

The housing staff are the people who respond to late-night crises when the pipes break, people get locked out, or someone needs an ear.  They manage the properties while promoting financial literacy, healthy decision-making, and career planning for clients.

Team Outreach

Item 0010 Team Outreach

This group is on the front line.  They interact with those most at risk of homelessness, exploitation, hunger, safety, STD’s, and Covid-19.  They go where no one else goes.

Team HIV Education

Item 0011 Team HIV Education

This group is working every day to work with the communities most vulnerable to contract HIV.  Through education, resources, and prevention they fight the good fight.

One Square Foot Engraved Brick $50.00

Item 0012

Over 800  bricks remain to be claimed!   Provide your contact information when ordering and we will reach out to you for your engraving details.

Holiday Condom Kits $25.00

Item 0013

We will decorate 100 Holiday condom kits for clients to ensure a safer holiday season.  By providing safer sex kits,  Fifth Street has an opportunity to provide assistance to clients who might not otherwise be served due to stigma.  Your funding will support outreach and safer-sex educational initiatives.

Security for Residents $100.00

Item 0014

While the cartoon security person and fence featured in this picture are not real, a real security system is needed to help protect our clients and their families.  You can make a world of a difference for these families.

Playground for the kids $250.00

Item 0015

These cartoon children are looking to you for a safe place to play.  Imagine if the playground at the Family Veteran’s Center was available for them.  You can help make it a reality with your donation.

Washer and Dryer

While the laundry room at the Family Veteran’s residence is not really equipped with a wash board and clothes line, it isn’t equipped with a washer and dryer either.  Your donation will fix that.

Washer $700
Item 0016  – 

Dryer $700
Item 0017  – 

Remote Office Items $25.00

Item 0018

During the age of Covid-19, so many of us are having to work from home.  Some staff are more affected than others.  As featured in the photo above, Chelsea is working two jobs from home; DCFS Housing Case Manager, and mom.  We could use your help providing the necessary items that come for having a home office like printer ink cartridges, paper clips, printer paper, etc.