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The Story Behind Last Year's First Place Winner - CampOut 4 Homeless Veterans Box Contest.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

USS BATES DE 68 (Atlantic) APD-47 (Pacific)

This model of the Destroyer Escort DS68, that my Father served on in WW2,

was made out of two boxes from recliner chairs which allow my wife and me,

to sit comfortably in our warm home.

My Father received extensive medical treatment after three Kamikazes sunk his

ship at Okinawa, sending him jumping into the ocean on fire from burning fuel,

for which he earned a Purple Heart Medal.

My father received the GI Bill (denied to non-white soldiers) which allowed him

to go to college and purchase a comfortable home with his Marine wife, to

raise their ten children.

World War II (white) servicemen were treated well to get their lives together

and rebuild this country. Why is it that current veterans face struggles that

drive many to homelessness? Every veteran of all ethnicities, need the same

support our white parents and grandparents received now, to be able to

rebuild their lives and become full members of society again.

article by Bob Croteau

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