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About the Organization

Fifth Street Renaissance began as Community Energy Systems in 1979 with the purpose of weatherproofing homes for elderly and low-income clients in Springfield. As the needs in the Springfield community evolved so did the scope of the organization.  In 1986, Fifth Street Renaissance opened the first transitional shelter program to provide housing and comprehensive services to individuals experiencing homelessness to help them address barriers to independent living. 

The mission of the Springfield AIDS Resource Association (SARA Center) was to provide inclusive care, support, housing, and advocacy services for HIV+ individuals and their families. This included education, preventative care, and outreach in high-risk communities. 


Fifth Street Renaissance and the SARA Center merged in 2006, the missions combined, and our dedicated staff continue to carry the mission forward under the guidance of our current Board of Directors.  We continue to provide services based on compassion, empowerment, and respect for the diversity of those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. While our programs may continue to evolve based on the needs of our those we serve, the overarching goal to support the most vulnerable in our community through difficult times will remain. 

Mission of FSR

It is our mission at Fifth Street Renaissance to assist individuals and families in difficult situations. We provide resources, transitional housing, opportunities to develop job skills and acquire education, and aid in securing employment. Our aim is to support our clients as they reclaim their self-sufficiency and wellbeing.

We have integrated the mission of the Springfield AIDS Resource Association to assist those individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, their caregivers, and families by locating affordable housing, medical assistance, counseling, and financial responsibility when necessary. The agency also will work to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDs through education, awareness,

and prevention. 

Meet Our Staff

Family, Community, Health, and Safety

Our Values:

Contact Staff

Penny Harris-Powell
Executive Director 

(217) 544-5040 ext. 14

Lauren Thoele
HOWPA Case Manager &
Executive Assistant

(217) 544-5040 ext. 19

Roxanne Anderson

Accounting Specialist
(217) 544-5040 ext. 18

Eric Powell
Reintegration Resource Coordinator

Raenesha Green
ISHOP Housing
Coordinator Supervisor
(217) 544-5040 ext. 27

Dawn Bailey

Pasfield Transitional 
Housing Case Manager
(217) 528-9382

Teresa Pickrel
Cook Street Renaissance Case Manager &
Homeless Prevention
(217) 528-1405

Cole Powell
Spring Street Veterans 
Renaissance Case Manager

(217) 528-0800

Sabrina Wesley
RIG Coordinator &
Data Entry Specialist

(217) 544-5040 ext. 26

Rob (Mustafa) Armstrong
HOWPA Case Manager & RIG Outreach Specialist

William Jones
RIG Outreach Specialist

Sonia Kenney
DCFS Housing Case Manager
(217) 220-7307

Sierra Daniels
DCFS Housing Advocate
(217) 638-5057

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