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Programs & Services

Fifth Street Renaissance is an active Board Member of the Heartland Continuum of Care and serves as the Treasurer, Homeless Prevention Chair, and fiduciary agent - as well as acting as a Lead Agent for the group's DHS ESG Funding.

American Flags

Housing & Services for Veterans

  • Spring Street Veterans Renaissance

  • Veterans Family Renaissance

  • Veterans Pantry

More information about these programs can be found below.

Suburban Homes

Housing Programs

  • Transitional Housing Program

  • Housing Advocacy Service (DCFS Norman Program)

  • Illinois Statewide Housing Program (ISHOP)

  • Cook Street Renaissance

More information about these programs can be found below.

Club with DJ

Outreach Programs

  • Nightreach Program

  • Pandemic Health Navigator Program

  • COVID Vaccination Outreach

  • Wraparound Services for COVID Vaccination Events

  • Nasal Narcan Training and Distribution

  • Hepatitis B Outreach

More information about these programs can be found below.


Youth Service Program

This program is contracted through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The program assists youth (17-21 years old) who are former wards of the state to prevent them from becoming homeless or assist with other issues of homelessness which are a result of being released from the state's foster care system.

Other Ways We Can Help

On-Site and Mobile
Health Services

All health services are offered free of charge by appointment at the administrative offices. If transportation is a barrier, we can deliver these services to a location of your choice.

  • HIV/AIDS Education & STD Testing

  • Harm Reduction Counseling & Supplies

  • Nasal Narcan Distribution

  • Overdose Education

  • Needle Exchange

  • Condom Distribution



Benefits Advocacy



Beginning July 1, 2014, SOAR is a nationally recognized advocacy and case management program designed to increase access to SSI/SSDI for eligible adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and have a mental illness and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder or other medical impairments. The SSI/SSDI application process is complicated and difficult to navigate. Accessing these income and health care benefits is often a critical first step on the road to recovery.

Education & Training


This program is a holistic approach to changing unhealthy lifestyles, addressing issues that have caused chronic homelessness and preventing recidivism to crisis intervention. The program uses group, one-on-one, referral and follow-up contact to address all barriers to healthy, independent living. These barriers include domestic violence, mental and physical health, substance abuse, parenting, sexual health, employment issues, literacy and educational advancement, budgeting and maintaining a household.

Supporting the
Formerly Incarcerated



The HIV Reintegration Project assists individuals, who have been released from the Illinois Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities or County/City Jails and are HIV+. The program works to identify and secure housing, health and social service in “downstate” Illinois. The primary goal of the Project is to prevent the spread of HIV to the and enable more productive lifestyles. Other goals of the Project are to ensure medical compliance, develop a “continuity of care” service and referral system for the client and reduce recidivism to incarceration.

Around the Center

We are not accepting indoor visitors at this time due to the Pandemic.


The micropantry located on the porch at the main office can be accessed at any time by anyone in need. Our address is 1315 N. 5th Street. If the pantry is running low and needs to be restocked, please ring the doorbell in the back of the building to alert staff.

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 4PM.

Food Pantries

This program provides food, clothing and household items to clients who are in need. The pantry may be accessed each 30 days per client or household.

This pantry is more specific to the needs and appetite of HIV+ individuals and offers meat and personal selection of items. Nutritional supplements such as Boost and Ensure are also available to the client.

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